I am an all singing actress born and raised in the North West of England, currently based in Sydney, Australia and represented by

Aran Michael Management.

I received a first class BA (HONS) Degree in Musical Theatre at London College of Music. I then went on to study a Post Graduate in Acting for Film at London Metropolitan Film School.

My most recent credits include; 

  • (Swing) Principal Vocalist’ in ‘Mickey and The Wondrous Book’ - Hong Kong Disneyland.

  • ‘Kate’ in ‘If/Then’ (NSW premiere) Theatre & Company, Riverside Theatre, Sydney

  • Stella’ in ‘She’s a Mother-Family Jools’ Music Video, Reggie London

  • 'Singer in Shower' in 'PROJECT ALOFT STAR WITH JP COOPER', Universal Music Group / Marriott International- TVC and Digital

  • Multi-role in 'Love Bites The Musical' (UK Premiere)- The White Bear Theatre, London

Other traits include: Coffee Addict, Thriller/Murder/Mystery Enthusiast, Gym-Goer (occasionally), Gallivanting Sun Worshiper, Dog Mum.

“Also bringing a very good comic character with superior singing is Ariane Sallis as Beth’s kooky friend Kate. Sallis can hold the audience in thrall as she sits downstage for storytime and break their heart with the big decision she will make against Beth’s advice.”

If/Then, Sydney- Sydney Arts Guide

“Another strength in this production came from Ariane Sallis’ portrayal of Kate - In scenes where energy and inspiration felt lacking, Sallis’ charisma and vibrancy carried and completely elevated the scene. When Sallis sings solos - it becomes immediately clear why she has been cast.”

If/Then, Sydney- Theatre Travels

“Sallis is brilliantly bubbly as the potty mouthed kindergarten teacher”

If/Then, Sydney- Broadway World

"The impressive ingenue Ariane Sallis, who is a great find: attractive, a smart mover, with a hugely expressive face, and a voice that packs a stonking range of styles, she is always exciting to watch and listen to."  

Love Bites The Musical, London- British Theatre

"Ariane Sallis is a show stopper. Sallis’ powerful voice, delightful tone and heartfelt performances are an absolute delight."

Love Bites The Musical, London- Everything Theatre

"In particular, Ariane Sallis gave a standout performance and is very watchable in all the roles she takes on."

Love Bites The Musical, London- Musical Theatre Review